Our components are trusted by long-distance randonneurs

Our components accomplish simple tasks– closing or opening a circuit, or shining light. But they need to perform their tasks reliably.  They will work on any kind of bike whether a city bike or a bike designed for long distances, but it gives us particularly great satisfaction to know that some long-distance randonneurs are trusting our lighting components to keep them safe and seen through multi-day brevets and other endurance rides which take them through the dark of night. In these endurance events, riders can’t afford to be let down by failing components! Two of our earliest customers, both accomplished randonneurs, will be staying lit with the AT fender taillight through the long nights of the most famous randonnée ever, the 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris which starts in two days! We couldn’t be more proud and we wish the PBP riders a safe journey!

PBP bike with AT fender taillight
Photo courtesy of flickr user Vélocia

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