The TMAT stem switch adaptor for 1-1/8″ steerers is available!

Velo Lumino is now stocking the adaptor necessary for installing the TMAT stem switch on bikes with 1-1/8″ steerer tubes. The switch was designed to work with 1″ steerers, with the idea that it could be made compatible with 1-1/8″ steerers via an adaptor if there was demand. Well the people have spoken, so we made a batch of these adaptors. The adaptor provides a perfect fit with 1-1/8″ steerers and stems, and adds only 1.25mm of stack height below the switch. With the adaptor, the switch preloads the headset and stem just like an ordinary stem cap, and the switch looks just as integrated as on a 1″ steerer. So for all of you who have been pining for the TMAT stem switch but weren’t able to take the plunge because of your 1-1/8″ steerer tube, you’re in luck! Available at The photos below show the switch with adaptor on a bike with a 1-1/8″ steerer.







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