A letter from a customer

A customer asked me if I had a place to post reviews. I said I didn’t, so he wrote me a letter to post on the blog. Here it is:

I ordered a polished taillight from Velo Lumino for a customer’s Velo Orange Polyvalent 650b bike. Before ordering it, I received several prompt and informative emails from Anton about the light assuring me it would work with customer’s dyno hub and complement front light. The light arrived very well padded with well thought out instructions, while the light, lens and overall design has a well executed presentation to it. It compliments the style of my customer’s bike and personal taste. Wiring was easy. Light sits properly on the rear fender after a quick drilling of the hole to secure the light. Customer has only used it 3-4x on a 40 minute roll home and says he is very pleased with the light as it offers much brightness in a small package while ensuring clean aesthetics… Congratulations to Velo Lumino for a nice product! I would highly reccomend Velo Lumino products for their thoughtful, high quality and good designs and prompt courteous service.

Kind regards,


Port Townsend Cyclery

Thanks, Bob! That makes our day!

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