Velo Lumino now sells SP dynamo hubs!

Up to now, Velo Lumino has been selling only components and parts that we design and fabricate ourselves (ourselves being Anton and Tom for the TMAT switch, and Anton for the AT fender taillight, AT headlight mount and AT fender reinforcement plate). But our ultimate goal is to offer a complete line of top-flight bicycle lighting and integration components. Some components are too complex for a two guys to design and manufacture– such as generator hubs, which are the heart of a truly integrated lighting system.

To that end, we’ve become a retailer of the excellent Shutter Precision dynamo hubs. SP is relatively new to the dynamo hub scene, but have gotten excellent reviews and have been making quite a splash in the dynamo community by raising the bar for efficiency, weight, size and reliability. Since before becoming a retailer of SP hubs, I’ve owned two, and I’ve been extremely satisfied with them (granted, I’ve had them less than a year). One is on my daily rider, which lives outside and has been ridden throughout the winter.

SP hubs come in a wide range of models, spoke counts, and colors, and their naming can be confusing. I demystify the naming convention on the Velo Lumino product page, and explain how to order the right hub for your needs.



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