About Anton (somervillebikes)

Anton Tutter lives in Somerville, MA. He is a research biologist by career and has an engineering background, but loves to spend long days in the saddle exploring the forgotten dirt carriage roads of New England and upstate New York. When he’s not riding he’s usually working on bikes: he’s pretty obsessional about them and loves bikes whose designs are purposeful, well thought out and whose features are integrated.

He is the owner of Velo Lumino, the web store through which he sells the bicycle generator lighting products he and Tom design and hand-fabricate in small batches.  He also co-authors the blog Riding the Catskills, and maintains photos of his bikes, his projects, and the wonderful back country mixed terrain he loves to ride, on flickr. You can contact Anton using the contact form below.

Anton on a ride in the Catskills